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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Past Year

We are a homeschooling family of 9. The Lord has blessed us w/ 7 beautiful children. 5 boys and 2 girls. We are in our 12th yr. of hsing(well, actually 17th if you count birth-5, where they are learning A LOT!) It's amazing the way we have changed in those years. It goes by so very quickly. Lord willing, we have many more years to go & look forward to see where He takes us.

The Lord has chosen to lead us this past year on a journey. It's truly amazing, my husband and I were both saved many years ago, but it's only been the past year that we have seen some amazing truths in God's Word that we had never seen before. Many things we were taught in church, and things that are still being taught, are not consistent w/ Scripture. It would take pages to explain all that we've learned, and are still learning, but we just give God the glory for opening our eyes.

One of the main things we've learned is the meaning of ~ sola scriptura~ which was the cry of the Reformation. That "scripture alone" is sufficient for ALL of living. That God's word speaks to EVERYTHING. God just doesn't put us here, call us to Himself, and then let us "figure it out???"...NO...He gives us His words, his commands, His precepts, & His direction...if only we will search & study His word. His ways are perfect, and if we will just follow them.

Also, we have been studying the sovereignty of God. This doctrine is absolutely amazing if you can wrap your head around it. The book: The Sovereignty of God by Arthur Pink is a fantastic place to begin. Still working on this one!

We are also on a journey from city life to country life, Lord willing! We plan to sell our "city" home and find a "country" home to begin homesteading. We are so excited to see where we end up & how this is all gonna work! Our goal is to become as self-sufficient as possible in these times. We have been READING like crazy about raising cows, goats, chickens....building chicken coops, gardening, herbs, homemade everything...etc... (I think the librarian thinks we crazy!!)

This past year has been very interesting and challenging, looking forward to where God leads this year!!!

Striving to please HIM in all that we do!
Michelle(for the Hardebeck Family)

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