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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Before/After pics....I mean After/Before pics

OK, here's some before/after pics, which I thought I had put the "before" first, and the "after" next, but obviously they came up the opposite...so I guess we'll call them after/before pics! So, first, is the downstairs bath "after".....

and "before" ( nice 80's wallpaper there!!)

The family room "after"

and "before" (so dark, and once again 80's)

The dining room "after"...(we found this light hanging in the basement and moved it to the DR...and also, my husband did the ceiling!)

and "before" (they LOVED wallpaper!!)

The room that will eventually be our "Music room" when we get heat to it "after"...

and "before"

The is the stairway in the entryway, we are leaving this wallpaper for now.

So, as you can see, we've done some work, and have much more to go! I'll post more pics later as there are MANY more!!!

(And sorry about the space between the pics.....can't figure out how to get them closer as I'm new to this!!)

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