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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'M B~A~C~K!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello!!! FINALLY, I'm back to blogging! Well, at least back to "attempting" to blog!!

Our family has been through much this past year, which I will try to write about as I can!

As I said in an earlier blog, we had been ready to put our home up for sale and try to find a place out in the country w/ land. Well, it took us about a yr. & a half, but we are here!!
It took our home exactly a year to sell. When it finally did, we didn't have a place to go. We had been looking fervently, but had not found our "dream home"!
As always, the Lord provided, and a week before we had to be out of our home, we were blessed w/ a place to stay. For FREE!! The Lord is good!
The home we were given to stay was a small, two bedroom, church parsonage. So, for the nine of us, it would be tight, but we KNEW we were where the Lord had us, so we were content. What peace comes with realizing that God is sovereign. Such rest knowing HE is in control, not us.We had no idea how long our stay would be. It ended up only lasting 2 1/2 months, much shorter than we had anticipated.

Our prayer in looking for a new place, was that the Lord would lead and guide us to where HE would have us to be. We wanted to KNOW that the home we found was exactly where the Lord wanted us to be. He answered those prayers.

The Lord has blessed us above and beyond anthing we could think or ask. We thought maybe, being in the small house, that the Lord was preparing us for a smaller home. The home we moved out of was about 3200 sq ft. We weren't looking for anything that big, and assumed the home, with land, that we would be able to afford, would be much smaller, and we were find with that. We were also beginning to think that we would have to be content w/ less land also. BUT.....the Lord had other plans.

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