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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Church Family

Wow...we had a wonderful day yesterday with our church family. What we have been missing for soooo many years! To be able to spend the day with like-minded families who love the Lord...it's such a tremendous blessing! Conversations that are centered around God, a message so inspired from the Lord, sharing a meal....all of it!!! Makes me want everyday to be Sunday!! It's funny, this is NOT how I used to feel about Sundays! I used to D~R~E~A~D Sundays. Now, my children even count down the days until "Church day", they "play" church during the week...they walk around singing.."O God, our help in ages past...." God is so good to have led us to this place.
Our elder preached an incredible message. It was like he had heard the conversation Joe & I had the night before! There are so many times that we worry and are anxious, but if we would just commit these concerns to the Lord...HE will take care of them! Why do we doubt this?? If God begins a work...He WILL finish it!! He is sovereign over all!! (I know, I seem to be rambling...but I am just in awe of God's ways this morning!!)
And, the verse of the day today, Hebrews 4:12, is our church memory verse from a couple months ago. My children still recite it for me, and I LOVE to hear the little ones say it! Their pronunciations are precious!!
Just praising God today for the path HE has put us on, and praying that HE continues to lead, guide, and direct us in the days to come.

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